Examining how long cats live, and what we can do to extend their lifespans

How long do cats live in the wild?

Domestic cats have a varied lifespan, depending on many factors, but how long do cats live in the wild?  Unfortunately, there isn’t much conclusive data to determine precise lifespans of wild cats in the many differing environs throughout the planet, due to the extreme difficulty involved in the identification and tracking of individual cats, but a rough estimate of wildcat lifespans can be estimated simply by identifying the species in question.

The following table provides the typical lifespans of some of the more prevalent types of cat:

  • Lion - 15 years
  • Tiger - 18 years
  • Bobcat - 20 years
  • Panther - 12 years
  • Lynx - 15 years
  • Leopard – 15 years

Of course, these and other species of wild cats usually live longer in captivity (more or less 5 years), as the receive safer food and do not have to contend with the many dangers of the wilderness.

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